FKM VITON® Tropic Integrated Blue Strap

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SIZE: 19mm
BUCKLE: Steel Buckle (Medium Size)

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Fits all Superman CMM.10 / Superman 500 / Superman Heritage models

This Tropic integrated strap made in high-quality FKM VITON® rubber has been built for intensive use in all extreme conditions thanks to its light, flexible, dust repellant and very resistant FKM VITON® material.

This is a tapered strap i.e. it’s wider at the lugs and narrower at the ends of the straps, by a difference of 2mm. Tapered straps produce a sleeker and more refined finish by adding a touch of finesse, and make for a more comfortable experience on the wrist. 

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The strap is equipped with an elegant YEMA buckle available in either steel or in full bronze.

The steel buckle finish is brushed.

The bronze buckle finish is brushed. It will develop same elegant patina as the Superman bronze cases.

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A premium mechanical watch will lose much of its intrinsic appeal if it fails to sit correctly on a wrist. A common aesthetic reasoning is “How much strap tail do I want to show?” and “Where would I like the buckle to rest?” for establishing a desirable strap length decision.

Since wrist circumference differs across individuals, we have made the Tropic straps available in two distinct lengths:

MEDIUM (110/70 = 180mm)
Perfect for wrists 14cm - 17cm / 5.6-6.7”

LARGE (128/80 = 208 mm)
Perfect for wrists 17.5cm - 20cm / 6.8-7.9”

Tropic FKM VITON® rubber integrated strap

19mm / 20mm LUGS

Specifically designed for perfect case fitment, this FKM strap is the answer to the unsightly lug gaps between the strap and your Superman case. The strap seamlessly integrates with the Superman's iconic straigth lugs, giving it a refined and sporty look.

This FKM strap is available in 19mm (fits Superman 39mm cases) and 20mm (fits Superman 41mm cases).