Stainless Steel Superman 500 Scales Bracelet 19mm

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Specially designed to complement all Superman 500 models, this new reissue of the iconic YEMA Scales bracelet from the 1960s has undergone improved manufacturing and unique new finishes, all while staying true to its original design. Engineered for professional use, the new Superman 500 Scales bracelet has been carefully developed for intensive use in extreme conditions, while adding a distinctive and strongly neo-vintage aesthetic to the Superman 500 timepieces.


The Superman 500 Scales bracelet features a brushed finish, complemented by polished central links to achieve a seamless harmony with the polished cases of the Superman 500 or the brushed cases of the 500 GMT models.


The 316L stainless steel deployant clasp adds both style and comfort with its polished/brushed finishes. The YEMA logo is embossed on the upper part, and the inscription "MAISON HORLOGÈRE FRANÇAISE DEPUIS 1948" is engraved on the lower part of the clasp. The bracelet includes an extension to allow for easy and quick adjustments when worn over a diving suit.